Mineral Make-Up – Tips on Applying Mineral Make-Up For Best Appearance

By now you mush have seen the infomercials and seen the mineral make up ads in all the beauty magazines. Chances are you have tried mineral make up whether it’s the powder foundation, eye shadow or blush. Here are some specific wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes on the optimal ways to apply mineral make up to your face to maximize the effect.

First a bit of history of mineral wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes and what makes it different from other make up. Unlike regular foundations which rely on chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate and other bases, mineral make up is usually composed of pure minerals. Because of this it has less chance of irritating sensitive skin and clogging pores and it also creates a natural look as if you are not wearing make up at all. The downside to mineral makeup is that it can be a bit messy in the bathroom as the powder is somewhat hard to manage.

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wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes

Tip #1: Pay attention to the weather and the season when applying your mineral make up. In summer time it’s best to use less make up as skin tends to get more oily and even mineral makeup can sometimes clog the pores. In summer months go with lighter colors to reflect the weather. During winter it’s OK to use deeper, richer colors so that your skin will have a certain “warmth” to it.

Tip #2: Use a wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes brush that you are comfortable with for the type of mineral make up you are applying. For example for mineral foundation a kabuki brush, which is a shorter and wider brush is ideal because it prevents the powder from going everywhere. If you are applying liquid mineral foundation it’s best to use the tips of your fingers instead of a brush. For eye shadows you need a fluff brush which is a thinner and longer brush that will focus the shadow on the areas you need.

Tip #3: If you have oily skin avoid the liquid mineral foundations and go for the powder. For oily skin you will want to make sure the makeup does not contain the ingredient “mica” which can make oily skin look even more shiny. For dry skin a liquid mineral foundation is preferable since it is a bit richer and provides better coverage than just mineral powder foundation. If you have sensitive skin be sure to talk to a dermatologist about what make up is right for you, but generally the mineral powder wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes is the way to go.

Tip #4: You can also mix mineral make up with your daily moisturizing cream to create a foundation with some color in it. There are tinted moisturizers on the market already, but this way you are in control of exactly how much color you add to your foundation.

It’s important to know how to wear mineral make up for your skin type and based on the weather to make the most of your appearance.

wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes
wholesale false lashes 3d mink lashes

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