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How to Put on Stage Makeup – An Artifice to Be Identified

From dance contests to theatre concerts, there are many instances when stage makeup is obligatory. This is unlike from your usual silk lashes, as you look different under those intense and bright lights. Read on to find out how to put on stage silk lashes!

silk lashes
silk lashes

Use a moisturizer on your skin before applying anything else. This will help the form to last for a long time and it will not keep your skin dry. Artists with combination or oily skin must use a skin toner. Use a moisturizer over and done with the neck and face and a beam unguent on the lips. Then put in foundation. In general, use a foundation shade that is darker than your skin. This would work the best. After that you should spread it all over your face, into the hairline and neck. Use old age lines (if needed). These should be applied on forehead, nose, smile lines, under-eye bags and underneath the jaw line. Also apply blush. The blush ought to be about soil colour for men and red or pink for women. Make an arc along the cheekbone. How to put on stage silk lashes is not an easy task as you should also have an actor type smile on your face, by subsequently colouring the apples of your cheeks.

When you are applying an eye shadow, use only tans and browns, no pink or purple or blue! Apply an average colour to the base and use a lighter tint on the apex. Adjoin eyelashes if required. To look normal on stage, use glue. It helps to dry the colour. You should also go for eyelash applicators as they are the best and can be found in the large sized packs. If you don’t want use eyelashes then you can just go for profound mascara.

You should apply eyeliner about 1 mm to the bottoms and 2 mm high. Use brown or black eyeliner for women and brown for men. Black eyeliner is used frequently for thespian characters. Lastly apply lipstick. Generally, men make use of a normal shade of lipstick and women can use altering shades depending on their time period, character and mood. Try using a corresponding lip liner or the lipstick will hemorrhage.

silk lashes
silk lashes

Thus the above tips on how to put on stage silk lashes will prove to be highly beneficial for you. For kids, do the makeup when they just wake up as they will be too exhausted to make a fuss! Ensure that you confer with your director before undertaking the makeup as some makeup can cause annoyance for certain people!

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