7 Simple Steps To Makeup For Aging Skin

Wonder how you can look young again? Facial fillers and Botox aren’t the answer to the fountain of youth. Actually, choosing the right regular mink fur lashes and following a few helpful makeup suggestions could be your best means to reverse the aging skin process.


regular mink fur lashes
regular mink fur lashes

As we get older, our bodies experience many things such as pregnancy, air pollution, sunlight, seasonal changes and stress – All of which may take its toll on you, as well as on your skin (as the signs of aging will show up).

However, you can turn back the hands of time somewhat using the right makeup. By applying the correct regular mink fur lashes techniques, you can successfully hide wrinkles, damage from the sun, age spots, and skillfully highlight your best features. Here’s how:

Step #1: Thoroughly Cleanse And Moisturize First

It is essential to thoroughly clean and moisturize your skin first. After you complete that task, apply a thin layer of SPF 15 sunscreen or higher to minimize any additional signs of unnecessary aging.

Let the sunscreen soak into your skin for about 10 – 15 minutes. Next, take a regular mink fur lashes primer and gently apply it all over your face. This is important since the primer fills in the fine lines and wrinkles that result from aging.

Step #2. Conceal Your Skin

Pass over your regular skin toned concealer and opt for a green concealer if you have obvious red marks, blemishes or veins on your face.

Apply a small amount of concealer and work it precisely on the area you’re targeting. Be sure to use the index finger to apply it properly. Next, use a concealer that closely matches the tone of your skin to hide any age or liver spots that may be apparent on your face or other obvious places such as your hands, arms, or chest area. Blend well so the spot virtually becomes invisible.

Step #3. Apply Foundation

If you’re using a liquid foundation, make sure you thoroughly shake the foundation bottle prior to using it. Use a makeup brush made specifically for foundation or a sponge to accurately apply your foundation.

Dab the foundation all over your face. Be sure you place enough dots on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose to sufficiently cover your face. Then, use your regular mink fur lashes brush to evenly distribute the foundation on your face.

Step #4: Apply Concealer Designed To “Reflect” Light

At this point, you are ready for a concealer that is designed to reflect light. And the purpose of this step is to help obscure those unsightly under eye bags and any other shadowy circles under each eye bag or circle.

Make sure you gently blend this layer of concealer evenly on your face.

Step #5: Now You Are Ready For A Radiant Glow

Get a hold of a liquid highlighter and follow the lines of your cheekbones as well as the bridge of your nose. Blend it in well to get a younger-looking, dew-covered appearance. The liquid highlighter contains light reflecting elements that make your skin radiantly glow.

Step #6: Use Cream Blush Instead Of Powder

Cream blush works better with aging skin since it hydrates skin better than basic powder blushes do. Also, it won’t appear flaky, dry or emphasize your wrinkles.

Apply a small amount to your cheeks while smiling to hit the right spot.

Step #7: Reflective Powder Works Best For Aging Skin

Reflective powder is optimal for aging skin.

regular mink fur lashes
regular mink fur lashes

Using your brush, apply just a bit of powder evenly on your face. This lets your skin appear even more radiant and glowing in addition to helping you set your foundation.

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