Though generally kabuki brushes are used for powder based mineral make up

Kabuki brushes are mainly used in applying blushes and foundation and other powder based cosmetics. These are brushes originate from Japan,they were known to be used in Japanese theater where the actors wore heavy makeup. Even though traditionally in Japan, goat and other natural hair is used in making these brushes, the ones made in synthetic materials like taklon and nylon are the best ones, it’s bristles are generally soft, and thick and round shaped. There heads are usually short and wide which allows for quick and easy application of any make up natural mink lashes  material over a large area. These properties make it best suited for getting a natural looking finish.

While the shorter versions of the kabuki brush are more popular among the p natural mink lashes ublic, real professionals also choose the longer handle version of the brush as it is quite effective in concealing and mineral blush application. Though generally kabuki brushes are used for powder based mineral make up. The short flat ended handle is the reason it became so popular, because it can when used correctly give a natural yet flawless look.


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Cleaning is very important for make up brushes since these brushes are bacteria prone, the same applies to kabuki brushes. To clean them simply stir them inside a tub of warm water with some very mild soap or shampoo, rinse thoroughly and then dry them with of some tissue or paper towel and sit it overnight. For remov natural mink lashes ing dust you can also simply tap and shake the bristles, until no more dust comes out.

Using a kabuki brush:
To use it you can put the powder on top of the brush until it is finely covered, tap i natural mink lashes t gently to remove any excess make up back into container, and then simply apply the make up to the face in a circular action until it’s evenly applied and blended

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