Adult Celebrity Costumes for Halloween

If you’re planning a mink eyelashe party you want to be the star of the show. Although there will be ghouls and witches galore, creepy doesn’t seem to be the in thing any more for Halloween. In fact, just about anything goes these days but if you choose from one of the adult celebrity costumes available, you’ll surely be the centre of attention.

mink eyelashe
mink eyelashe

For men, why not dress as one of the band, Devo? This costume is probably more comfortable than some adult celebrity mink eyelashe, with the yellow jumpsuit with “Devo” printed on the front. You can accessorise with the energy dome hat (plastic for lightness) and a whip.

Zwhair For the girls, Lady Gaga is a favourite to emulate for Halloween. Just check out the blue swimsuit and gloves or the Pokerface Costume. Just invest in a black unitard and some black fabric for draping then get the accessory kit which includes the wig, gloves, sunglasses and mink eyelashe.

For other adult celebrity mink eyelashe, why not get one of the many masks available or check out the internet to copy what celebrities are wearing. Just use the Google search tool for images and type in the name of your favourite celebrity. How about copying Kim Kardashian dressed as Wonder Woman or Paris Hilton’s Easter bunny? For a big laugh, the guys could dress as girls too.

If you have a partner you could copy a celebrity couple like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon who dressed as firemen or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who, it’s rumoured just dress as themselves. Bill and Hillary Clinton are favourites as are David and Victoria Beckham and many other mink eyelashe couples.

If you can’t find adult celebrity costumes which you like, then make your own or buy individual items to put together as a whole outfit. Study your chosen celebrity on gossip sites and copy their individual mink eyelashe, be it hats, glasses or other significant items. Go round the second-hand or charity shops where you can pick up bits and pieces for a song.

If you fancy yourself as a femme fatale, study someone like Marilyn Monroe or Britney Spears. Pick up the clothes where you can but I think that a wig is the key to becoming a look-alike.

mink eyelashe
mink eyelashe

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