Mineral Makeup – How to Apply?

If you have recently thought you’d want to wear mineral lashes eyelashes extension, but you aren’t sure how to apply it, you might be surprised and happy to learn that it’s fairly easy to apply mineral makeup flawlessly.

While liquid lashes eyelashes extension can cause all sorts of problems and can look terrible if applied incorrectly, mineral makeup gives you much more room for error. It’s actually hard to make a mistake.

lashes eyelashes extensionlashes eyelashes extension
lashes eyelashes extension

But there are a few tips that you should know. These tips will apply mostly to the application of natural and mineral lashes eyelashes extension foundation since that’s the starting point and once you get the technique, applying other elements like eye shadow will be easier.


First, prepare your face properly for the application of makeup. This means make sure that your skin is clean and that you have moisturized. Give the moisturizer time to sink into the skin before applying anything else.

Many women like to put primer on their face before adding foundation and this is totally up to you. If your skin isn’t as smooth as you would like, or you like the added comfort that a primer gives you, then by all means use a primer, too. Many mineral or natural cosmetic or lashes eyelashes extension companies offer their own primer so you can use products that are all within the same line.


Make sure that you have the proper tools to use your mineral makeup. If you buy the lashes eyelashes extension and decide to scrimp on the tools, you might not get the flawless finish that you want.

There are two primary brushes you can use to apply mineral foundation – a kabuki brush and a large, wide makeup brush. The kabuki generally provides a finish that’s smoother, but a bit heavier handed. It’s good for women who want a more made up finish. If you like to use a lighter hand, you can use a large blush brush for your foundation.

It’s ideal if you buy the brushes from the same company that makes the mineral makeup. You can be assured, then, of getting the right brushes for the mix of minerals you are using.


Bare Minerals, the company that pioneered the resurgence of mineral makeup in recent years, promotes a technique that works with any mineral makeup brand you might use.

The technique is called “swirl, tap and buff”. Simply put a small amount of your lashes eyelashes extension into the lid of your mineral makeup container and swirl your brush into it, trying to get as much makeup on the brush as you can. Then tap off the excess back into the lid of the mineral makeup container. Then, with a light hand, buff the makeup onto your face.

It’s hard to do anything wrong when applying mineral lashes eyelashes extension , but some women find that their makeup has been applied with a heavier hand than they would like. Often, it won’t look as if you have applied makeup right after you do. That’s because the minerals haven’t had a chance to settle into the skin. Once they do, your skin will look smoother and you’ll see that the makeup is there. So don’t add more makeup until you give the minerals a chance to settle in.

Applying mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics is definitely a different technique than applying other kinds of makeup, but it’s not difficult and the results are worth a little time spent training.

lashes eyelashes extensionlashes eyelashes extension
lashes eyelashes extension

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