Top 3 Gothic Costumes For Halloween

Wearing Gothic label mink eyelashes for Halloween has always been fun. They’re dark, they’re creepy, they’re spooky, and they make heads turn when you walk into a room. They’re also sexy and creative, making them a great costume to shop for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, or a child because there are label mink eyelashes costumes for all of us. One of my favorite things when it comes to Gothic is all of the makeup and accessories that are available. Not only are the costumes incredible but everything else is too.


Zwhair You can dress up a costume with fun things like spider earrings, velvet chokers, rose bouquets, and even some fangs. When it comes to the makeup you can go really extreme with the full face makeup or you can tame it down and just go dark with the eye makeup if you prefer. There are also some incredibly long eyelashes now that give an extra creepy effect to the right label mink eyelashes. These are the top 3 Gothic Costumes for this year:

Gothic Vampire Costume

Vampires have never been as popular are they are today. Thanks to classics like Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and newcomers like Twilight, True Blood, and Blade, vampires have never been darker or hotter. Today’s vampire is sexy, dark, and sneaky because let’s face it – they’re just looking for a little nibble. Accessorizing a vampire costume has never been more fun with today’s wigs, shoes, fangs, and fake blood to get the full effect of the dead across.

Gothic Witch Costume

Yes, I know. Witches have been around forever too. But today’s witches look are just plain cool. They may be wicked, they may be good, they’re sexy too, and they even light up! They still love to fly around on their broomsticks and they even brew in their cauldrons and cast spells. They’re just neat and the label mink eyelashes are out of this world. You don’t have to have a green face and warts to be the best looking witch anymore!

The Unique Gothic Costumes

You’re probably wondering just what may be different, unique, and perhaps undiscovered in the Gothic world. There’s actually quite a bit. Some of today’s coolest Gothic costumes include the wedding label mink eyelashes, the gory nurse costumes, the pinhead costumes, the Mad Hatter costumes, the bloody school girl costumes, and my personal favorite for the year – the Rag Doll costume. There’s so much out there to choose from!


Today’s Gothic Costumes are just incredible. They’re everything you could ask for and more. Now is the perfect opportunity to shop for Witch label mink eyelashes if you choose or you can stop by my favorite vampire site.



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