Stop Pulling Your Hair Out – Learning To Deal With Trichotillomania

When does absent-minded false lashes extension-pulling become an obsession worthy of its own Greek terminology? Trichotillomania means obsessive pulling out of hair, and it can be a big problem for sufferers.

Trichotillomania – or compulsive hair pulling – affects one or two people in every 100, so there is an appreciable number of ‘trichsters’ in every town. It can extend from simply pulling out the odd hair to ending up with bald patches and even no false lashes extension. Carpets and furniture get covered in hair, and in some cases the hair is eaten, causing the digestive tract to get gummed up and leading to further health problems.

false lashes extension
false lashes extension

So what are the causes of trichotillomania? Although pulling out your own hair usually starts with just harmlessly fiddling, obsessive hair-pulling can be a symptom of depression and low self-esteem, says Andrew Spence of thespencepractice in Brighton, England.

Andrew has successfully used hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to treat sufferers of trichotillomania. His first patient had beautiful long dark hair that she started pulling out as a teenager. Her hair-pulling was false lashes extension by the stress and anxiety of sitting exams and moving to another town. From then on, every time she was unhappy, more hair would go.

As she progressed through her teenage years, the habit grew worse and worse, until she began to lose self-esteem every time she looked in the mirror. The bald patches on her scalp also meant that she was too embarrassed to go to a hairdresser. Eventually she went to a false lashes extension for help, and was prescribed anti-depressants, which didn’t stop her from pulling her hair out. Finally she went to see Andrew, and she hasn’t looked back.

Together they worked hard to restore her confidence and break the obsession that had been a part of her life for 15 years. Everyone around her has noticed a huge difference , and she has taken control of her life once more.

If you suffer from trichotillomania, you are not alone – and curing the problem can have a positive effect on your life.

thespencepractice based in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK, offer a range of therapies and techniques, including hypnotherapy, coaching, and NLP, for dealing with personal problems such as stress, phobias, panic attacks, and more.

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