Joan Juliet Buck; The Real Fashionista

After recently reading about her in the false eyelashes box issue of Vogue, Joan Juliet Buck has managed to completely throw my mind upside down. The ex-editor-in-chief of French Vogue declared the impact style has had upon her life. From a young age, Buck spent her days searching for fashion and creating styles. Socialising with the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfeld, before they were famous, Buck’s glamorous life was a fashionista’s dream.

With matching Vidal Sasoon bobs, Buck and friend Jane Gozzett took the London streets by false eyelashes box. Amazed by their painted on “twiggy’s”, false eyelashes and short skirts, magazines were quick to snap up their style. Buck began imitating the looks of Marisa Berenson and Celia Hammond, the IT girls of the 60’s. Buck’s life had begun to be dominated by fashion and style. As Buck began to embrace fashion of the past, her addiction was constantly fed. Her Saturday morning’s were spent in false eyelashes box Road hunting down creations from the past.

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false eyelashes box

As Buck matured, she began to appreciate fine art and fashion alike. After moving to Paris to work in 1971, Buck was taken to a second hand clothes shop by, the remarkable, Karl Lagerfeld. A silk crepe de chine, gold edged jacket, by Louiseboulanger, manages to catch her eye (and will do for the next 35 years). After moving to Italy a few years later, Buck’s wardrobe consists constantly of pieces in shades of purple, mauve, violet and lavender (a phase that will take years to end). After moving to LA, and marrying John Heilpern, Buck sticks to the “rules of LA”; natural fibres by day and long dresses by night. However, her purples pieces are still intact.

Finding herself back in Paris in 1983, Yves Saint Laurent became the new uniform for Buck; black jackets, black skirts and black trousers. But when friend Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel, the Yves Saint Laurent uniform had competition; the black jacket with a white satin false eyelashes box.

With no money, the Louiseboulanger jacket, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel suits became all Buck had. Buck began to borrow clothes and soon found herself on the Best Dressed lists. Buck continued to borrow money and put everything she had into the purchase of new pieces, helping her to be false eyelashes box for the Best Dressed Hall of Fame.

After being offered the position of editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Buck realised that she only had her pieces from the past, and nothing to wear. Buck spent years working barefoot from home, and holding on to her classics; she was in need of a new look. Buck realised her Louiseboulanger jacket was still the best thing she owned, even after discovering the beauty of Jil Sander and Hermès. Today, Buck still owns her prizes pieces. Her Louiseboulanger jacket is what made her false eyelashes box, it was apart of her history, a memory.

Joan Juliet Buck deserves to be admired by all aspiring fashionista’s, she is our queen. Fashion was not only a hobby for Buck; it was her life. The love she gave to fashion was carried on throughout the whole of her life, in both work and play. Buck’s lifestyle was certainly one of highs and lows, but fashion was still at the centre of it. She even managed to reach the goal that so many girls dream for, one of Vogue’s editors-in-chief! Joan Juliet Buck is truly a remarkable woman, and shall always remain the fashion icon who led the lifestyle I will always aspire to lead.

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