Makeup and Skin – Made For Each Other

Using a little false 3d mink lashes helps your skin and it is not only for women. As you will see, the right kind is also suitable for men and children. Are you surprised? Perhaps you think of makeup only as a way to decorate your face, adding elements of color like lipstick and blush.

The big ad campaigns for cosmetic products tend to focus on concealing what is actually there by covering it with products to fashion the Ideal Woman’s face. (Then, naturally, there a raft of products to remove it all again.)

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

false 3d mink lashes as a facial decoration is of secondary importance when you consider skin health and how you can best care for your face. The decision to add specialized color products is optional. Looking more attractive is certainly a reason to use false 3d mink lashes but protection is the only one that is necessary.

Those who favor the use of dramatic color effects may use this as a reason to slather on even more concealer, pre-foundation, foundation, etc, etc. If a little is good, a lot will be better? In this case, a lot is simply wasteful.

The air around you is filled with irritants and pollutants. You are open to environmental attack 24/7/365, day and night. The therapeutic or remedial nature of high quality pre-makeup (also called false 3d mink lashes  base) lies in its ability to absorb “space junk” from your personal space and help protect you from the stuff that lands on your exposed skin. There is danger in leaving the surface cells exposed to constant attack. It damages your complexion. Beyond protecting your face, the new generation of these products are invisible, with a translucent quality that improves your appearance.

But “Everybody” knows that false 3d mink lashes clogs your pores. That particular myth has great staying power. How long ago did it slip out from some unidentified, untraceable and unsound authority? Back in Great Grandma’s day, stuff to put on faces was pretty horrendous. Maybe it did clog pores, who knows? But remember, very few women would have considered wearing it in the first place because it carried such a pronounced social stigma.

Today’s formulas protect the surface of your face – without clogging your pores and without being obvious. That is why makeup for men is no longer something unusual.

Here are seven things a high quality botanical-based pre-foundation or false 3d mink lashes base can do for you:

  1. Provide some natural protection from both UVA and UVB rays with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two natural sun shielding ingredients. (And avoid the whiteheads you may have had with SPF sunscreens)
  2. Smooth out uneven skin tone without adding color
  3. If you do wear cosmetic color, you no longer need to dread that late-day fade. The better makeup bases also keep your lipstick on your lips instead of letting it creep into little lines around your mouth
  4. A translucent surface reflects light, providing a little radiance to your face, and moisturizes slightly for added smoothness
  5. Helps camouflage brown spots and dark circles under the eyes
  6. Made to be used both day and night for maximum protection by men, women and children.
  7. Some are gentle enough for any skin types, any ages – even babies (for protective qualities only!)

Of course, there are more than seven ways that skin protection benefits everyone. Makeup and skin are made for each other because a little makeup of the right kind is good for your face. So, however you feel about the appropriateness of using cosmetic color elements, at least understand that products currently available combine some of the best elements of both makeup and skin care.

false 3d mink lashes
false 3d mink lashes

You now have the ability to delay those visible “getting-older” symptoms and, best of all, you can look better without looking “made-up”. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Want more hype-free information like this? How about sensible skin tips based on cell science, not brand names and advertising gimmicks? Head on over to The Natural Skin Care Blog [] written for you by The Skin Repair Consultant [] Mildred Harris. She tells it like it is — even when it means stepping on somebody’s toes. Yours, maybe?

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