An Introduction to Semi Permanent Make Up – Wake Up With Make Up

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up each eyelashes wholesale with your make up already in place?

These days with the advancement of semi permanent make up technology, it is very much possible to look beautiful right from the moment you wake up. Semi permanent makeup is really popular today because of the benefits it eyelashes wholesale. It is definitely a great choice for women who love wearing make up everyday and spend hours in front of their mirrors perfecting their eyebrows, eyelashes and making their lips attractive. Most of us are not aware of what semi eyelashes wholesale make up is and what it can do for us. For those of you looking to find out about this beauty procedure, here is an introduction to semi permanent makeup.


Zwhair Permanent make up is a beauty procedure which involves the application of make up in the form of tattooing, used mainly for eyebrows, eyeliners and lip colours following a non-surgical method. This procedure is really popular among women who desire to add definition to their facial features. Women who spend hours doing their makeup on a daily basis can benefit from this technique because it will help them look good at all times without having to worry about doing their makeup. Whether it is working out in a gym or having a shower, you will look the picture perfect at all times.

Permanent cosmetics procedure involves the use of sterilized needles to implant eyelashes wholesale into the dermal layer of the skin. This procedure usually takes a few hours and its effect may last between 1-5 years, however a top up may be required every 12-18 months. Following the procedure, the colour may appear slightly darker than what was desired, but within a couple of weeks, you will be able to get the definitive colour.

Apart from enhancing looks and facial eyelashes wholesale, this procedure is also widely used to camouflage scars, burn marks and freckles. Since these procedures are carried out by expert technicians, these are really safe. Depending on the pain threshold, some people may experience some pain and discomfort as well. However, prior to the treatment, anesthetic creams are applied to eyelashes wholesale pain and discomfort.

The cost of having this procedure done depends on the technicians and the level of experience they have. Typically, permanent eyebrow makeup and permanent lip makeup may cost around 250 – 500 pounds or dollars.


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