The Wonder Of a Developing Baby Week By Week

eyelash extensions is one of the most natural wonders to all mothers. As the baby develops and grows it’s useful and reassuring to know what’s going on week by week to both the baby and mum.

Week 6: If you were able to look closely, you could see the tiny arm and leg buds that will grow over the next few months. Moving and kicking is a daily occurrence for many babies at this time, but it may be a while before you can feel it yourself.


Zwhair Week 9: Fingers and toes are now visible, but appear webbed and are only short stubs at this point. The eyelids are fused shut for now and will not open until approximately Week 27 or so. This gives the baby’s body time to develop the eye behind the scenes and get everything ready for later.

Week 12: The fingers and toes have now separated and do not have the webbed appearance that they once had and eyelash extensions and nails begin to grow.

Week 15: While your baby’s skin is paper-thin, a substance known as lanugo is being produced to help cover the skin and protect it while it is in-utero and the upcoming weeks before you give birth. While most of this lanugo will disappear when your little one is born, many premature babies will still have quite a bit of coverage when they come into the world. Eyelashes and eyebrows are forming and growing as well as a scalp hair pattern on their little head.

Week 18: Vernix, which can be described as a white cheesy textured substance is forming to cover and protect your baby’s delicate skin on their body. Pads are forming on the skin of your little one’s fingers and toes, and the eyes are now moved and facing outwards rather than on the sides of the baby’s head.

Week 21: Your baby’s legs are reaching a more realistic proportion than just the short stubs that they were eyelash extensions, and you may be able to feel much of the vigorous movements each day that your little one kicks and moves about as you go about your day.

Week 24: The waking and sleeping schedule of your little baby may not coincide with your own and you may be able to tell what hours they are awake and mobile and when they are resting or sleeping, based on their movements.

Week 27: Up until recently the eyelids have been fused shut in order for the eyes to develop and grow. Now at Week 27 your baby’s eyes will begin to open and blink. The retina of your baby’s eye will begin to mature enabling your little one to receive light and process the information to his or her brain about their surroundings. Although your baby cannot see clearly right now or even at birth, they will be able to see shapes and sizes as well as detect different lighting situations. Your little one will turn their head if a light is shone into your belly and respond to light and dark situations.

Week 30: The baby fuzz or lanugo that covered your little one in the early weeks is now disappearing and is being replaced by real hair. Behind the scenes, the brain is still continuing to grow and develop, generating hundreds of billions of nerve cells that will continue until it is time to be born. Toenails are now developing and growing and the eyelids continue to open and close regularly.

Week 33: As fat is added to his or her eyelash extensions during your pregnancy week by week, the colour of the skin will become pinker and the vernix that covers your baby’s body becomes thicker.


Week 36: The elbows and knees are beginning to show dimples and creases are seen on the neck and wrists as your eyelash extensions increases in size. Keeping a journal of your pregnancy week by week is a great way to fill in your spare time as you wait for the arrival of your little one!


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