6 Worst Makeup Mistakes You Should Know (And Avoid At All Cost!)

When it comes to figuring out what’s the best eyelash extension bed camellia lashes for you, experimentation is the key. You may want to try out different makeup styles, routines, and see which one fits you best.

And while experimenting, it is inevitable you make some eyelash extension bed camellia lashes  mistakes. In this article, you’ll find 6 of the worst makeup mistakes that most women make when it comes to makeup…

eyelash extension bed camellia lashes
eyelash extension bed camellia lashes

1. Wearing An Excessive Amount Of Foundation

Have you ever seen someone who has so much foundation on their face that when their facial expressions change, their eyelash extension bed camellia lashes cracks and flakes? This is very unbecoming and unattractive. Avoid using too much foundation on your face.

2. Using The Wrong Shade Of Concealer To Hide Your Pimples

Using a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your regular shade of foundation is fine to conceal dark circles. However, doing the same thing to hide your pimples will not work – Instead of hiding them, it will emphasize for the whole world to see!

In order to hide pimples, ideally you should match the shade of your concealer to your natural skin tone. Also, you could apply the lighter shade underneath your foundation so it blends in better.

3. Applying Just One Shade Of Eyeshadow Over Your Entire Lid And Brow

Applying just a single shade of eyeshadow over your entire eyelid and eyebrow looks plain tasteless and garish. Instead, you will want to use a trio of colors that can be worn together to bring out the best in your eyes. Try this:

First, take the medium shade of eyeshadow and cover the entire lid of your eye.

Next, using the darkest shade, apply it to the crease of your eye for definition and depth.

Finally, the lightest color should be applied to your upper brow or arch. Be sure to blend each color well so there are no defining lines.

This is the proper way to apply eyeshadow and naturally highlight your eyes.

4. Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation

This is a very typical problem. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can make you look like you just joined the circus or will make people wonder if you are colorblind.

A good bit of advice is to take your picture using a camera with a flash. This will reveal if your foundation shade is too light or too dark. Your foundation should be matched as closely as possible to your true skin tone and blend in effortlessly to achieve the best look.

5. Going Overboard With Your Eye eyelash extension bed camellia lashes

Sometimes more isn’t always better – such is the case with eye eyelash extension bed camellia lashes. When it comes to eye makeup – less is better. Don’t overdo it. Your eye makeup should bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and make them look attractive, not brash.

6. Not Checking The Effect Of The Lipstick Under The Lighting Which You’d Be In Prior To Putting It On

Make sure your shade of lipstick is going to look attractive in the “light” where you will typically be wearing it. eyelash extension bed camellia lashes appears different depending on the light that’s shining down on it. Your lipstick will appear much different outside in the natural sun than under softer lighting sources inside, away from the sun.

The rest of your makeup can look picture perfect, but if you are wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, it ruins everything.

eyelash extension bed camellia lashes
eyelash extension bed camellia lashes

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