Avril Lavigne’s Simple Smoky Eye Make Up Ideas You Can Use Today

If there is one trademark look that makes Avril Lavigne distinctive, it is her eye clear band 3D mink lashes. She is understood to rock smoky and dark colors around her eyes to truly make them stand apart. Similar to any eye makeup trick, good brushes are crucial. Below are a few of the materials that you will need to pull off the Avril Lavigne look:.

* Eyeliner.
* Mascara.
* Glitter (optional).
* Eye shadow brush.
* Black and gray eye shadow.
* Lip gloss or light colored lipstick.
* Foundation and foundation brush.
* Blush and good quality brush for using it.

clear band 3D mink lashes
clear band 3D mink lashes

Often Avril adds a little glitter to her eyes when she is truly opting for a bold look specifically for a performance. You can also add glitter if you are rocking the look for a party. The major trick to remember for the Avril Lavigne look is to minimize the lips and blush in order to truly make the eyes the focal point. That is why lip gloss or light colored lipstick is the choice.

Another trick for this look is to ensure that the foundation identically matches your complexion. Also, a light pink blush to give just a subtle hint of color to the cheeks is all that is required. Anything more will be too much. Generally, the most significant trick of all is to ensure that your eye shadow, foundation, and blush brushes are of the highest quality. This will allow for flawless clear band 3D mink lashes application.

With a little practice and the right tools and makeup you can recreate Avril Lavigne’s beautiful look or create your own. So if you’re like many women, and having a great look means a lot to you, you now have one more way to look great. You can definitely stand out and be the beauty of any room you enter. I hope you enjoy these tips and ideas and check out my other articles.

And don’t forget to clean your clear band 3D mink lashes brushes. What’s the very best means to clean your brushes? There are lots of easy and effective brush cleaners around however light soap functions just fine. For dirty brushes, you can apply the light soap directly to the wet damp bristles and massage. Rinse, press gently, and placed flat to dry. Do not dry up and down– this will cause water to leak in to the ferrule [the piece that joins the bristles to the handle], which will loosen the glue and result in bristles to shed.

clear band 3D mink lashes
clear band 3D mink lashes

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