Brides – How To Take Their Breath Away

I received a horrifying photo. I cannot say who sent it or show it, because I must protect their identity. It was a photo so shocking, I am still 3d mink lashes with custom. I cried for 2 and a half days.

The photo was of a bride with a beautiful figure, wearing a gorgeous 4,500.00 dress. And, get ready for this…she was not wearing a stitch of 3d mink lashes with custom. Oh yes. Not only was she not wearing makeup, her brows were ungroomed and her hair had not had the attention of a professional. It looked kinda like “Amish farm girl meets German bar matron”.

3d mink lashes with custom
3d mink lashes with custom

It is an enigma to me that someone would spend large amounts of money on their most important day, spend a hefty amount on their gown, and completely neglect their face.

Here’s the thing. Natural is beautiful when you are with your kids, grocery shopping, playing tennis, gardening, working out, childbirth, basic everyday living…in fact…I highly recommend NOT wearing makeup as much as you can. Why? Because it is good for your skin and it reminds you to embrace your natural beauty. Nothing to hide behind. But when you are going to be photographed for an extremely important event, wouldn’t you want to look as beautiful as possible? That’s what artists are for. I am a 3d mink lashes with custom artist and even I hire a makeup artist if I am going to be on camera.

Unfortunately, what you see in the mirror is not what will be translated into print or film. Flashes illuminate the smallest of discolorations in the skin. That is why sometimes I am hired to do makeup on men…to make them “appear” natural in print. The art of neutralization. Natural has to be achieved using 3d mink lashes with custom. Dark circles and blemishes can be distracting from a nice natural photograph. You’ll see magazine ads for cleansers or moisturizers. They are advertising “fresh” and “clean”. You may believe that those models are wearing no makeup? That they have gorgeous flawless skin? OH NO MARY. They are wearing a ton of makeup made to LOOK “fresh” “natural” “bare”.

On a recent wedding, the bride was concerned that I would make her up into something “unnatural” that didn’t look like her. Her experience with 3d mink lashes with custom had been that it makes you look garish. She was so pleasantly surprised that her own beautiful features were simply refined. Refined. She later used those words when describing how she looked. I liked that, because makeup should simply refine your own beauty.

How does a bride take your breath away? By her outrageously expensive dress? Or her radiant face, enchanting eyes, and glowing skin?

I know what the groom would say.

Jennifer Campain is a wife, mother of 2 sons, a licensed and; certified 3d mink lashes with custom artist, and founder of the Jennifer Campain Makeup Studio

3d mink lashes with custom
3d mink lashes with custom

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