Organizing Your Bedroom for Peace and Comfort – Step 3: Storing Stuff

The bedroom is your haven of calm and comfort – a place for resting, romance, and relaxation. However, it’s still the room where lots of stuff gets stored – clothes, shoes, 3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes or jewelry, reading materials, 3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes – you name it, it usually ends up in the bedroom. By having the proper places to store things, you can control the stuff, and still maintain the oasis of tranquility that you’ve created!

Let’s look at some options for storage:

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  • Closet – obviously, every bedroom has a closet. Hopefully. Or at least an armoire if it’s an older house. Organizing the closet is a book unto itself, but it’s simple to keep it under control. Purge the things that don’t fit, you don’t like, or you don’t wear. Hang the remaining clothes together by type (dresses, pants, shirts), and by color. Use the same hangers to make it look more uniform.
  • Shoes – you have several options for controlling your shoes. Hanging bags on the door, plastic bins, or shelves on the floor make perfect places to house your shoes. Just don’t let them end up under the bed, beside the door, or in a corner.
  • Makeup – if you have a makeup table or dresser in your bedroom that can sit at to apply 3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes, get some inexpensive drawer dividers to keep it out of sight. If you don’t have drawers, put your makeup in pretty baskets on top of the dresser. The key is keeping it contained – and attractive.
  • Jewelry – if you have a jewelry box, display it on top of the dresser. If you don’t have one, you can use a plastic case made for bead crafters or even tackle, and arrange your jewelry in that. There are so many options available for keeping your jewelry; just make sure that it’s got a place, and isn’t just balled up on top of any flat surface.
  • Dresser – keep lingerie, t-shirts, pajamas, blankets, or whatever isn’t in your closet neatly folded in your dresser. Get in the habit of putting laundry away immediately after it’s done – don’t be tempted to leave things lying around to “get to later”. Later never comes!
  • Nightstand – this is often the most cluttered item in the bedroom! If it has drawers, try to keep books, TV remotes, flashlights, nail files, etc. in the drawer. The top should only have a couple of decorative items on it – a lamp, a flower, a picture, etc.

If you give everything a place in your bedroom, then you won’t be as tempted to leave stuff piled up on top of chairs or tables. The next article will address just how to KEEP things neat and 3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes!

3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes
3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes

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