Top 4 Spring 2008 and Summer 2008 Beauty Trends

What do you wear with the latest 3d mink invisible band mink lashes on the Spring/Summer fashion collections?
What goes with the myriad of color, sheer fabrics, drama and prints of the season?

Every year, Spring and Summer brings a certain lightness after a long dreary winter. That lightness is displayed in Spring and Summer dresses with ruffles and flowy dresses. Pastels, brights, florals and whites herald these warmer, brighter months.

3d mink invisible band mink lashes
3d mink invisible band mink lashes

Take the cue from this season’s shows. The models’ 3d mink invisible band mink lashes are exactly what goes best with the outfit, though the looks may be a little too dramatic for the regular woman. Tone down the runway portrayal and you’ve got the perfect image for the season.

Alexandra McQueen’s models were strong on the brow, with medium brights on the lips for a look that portrays strength. Anna Sui’s models portrayed the bad girl image with smoky eyes setting the stage for seduction. Vera Wang’s models were naturally pretty, with nude  3d mink invisible band mink lashes that always makes a come back every summer. Chanel’s models were glamorous with bright red lipstick that would do a 1940’s movie starlet proud.

Here’s a rundown of the 4 main trends in beauty for Spring/Summer 2008.

1. Smoky Eyes – Seduction

Here, the focus is on the eyes. Heavily mascaraed eyes, with lots of liner and very dark, smokey eyeshadow brings all the attention to the eyes. That look is balanced with naturally rosy lips and pale cheeks to avoid looking tarty.

2. Strong Brows – Strength

In this case, brows are well-defined. Blondes would have dark blonde brows or brown brows while brunettes have black brows. Lips are a medium shade of red or pink or peach or bronze while cheeks are barely flushed.

3. Bright Red Lips – Glamorous

That’s the look of the 40’s movie starlet. Bright red lipstick, but toned down eyes and cheeks. The lips are painted scarlet, orange red or crimson while eyes aren’t obviously lined. Mascara too is light and the eyeshadow is in a natural shade like peach or sand or beige. Blusher, if any, is applied with a very light hand, in a shade that goes with the lipstick.

4. Barely There Makeup – Natural

That’s the classic nude 3d mink invisible band mink lashes  look popular every summer. Yes, you use liner, mascara, lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow but the choice of color makes the difference. Pick colors brownish pink shades for lips and cheeks, sand, or browns slightly darker than your natural skintone for your eyeshadow and brown mascara and liner for that naturally pretty look.


3d mink invisible band mink lashes
3d mink invisible band mink lashes

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