Lancome La Laque Fever Long Wear Lipgloss

I discovered this lipgloss about a month and a half ago at the department store. I had tried other longwear lip glosses from other brands suxh as MAC and CoverGirl and I did not have much love for them. I hated the strange smell and the two step 100 mink lashes manufacturer  application process – apply colour – wait to dry- apply gloss…and I hated how it slowly and unevenly peeled off my lips after 6-8 hours – gross!

I had set it up in my mind that I did not like longwear lip colour- but someone how the sales girl got me to try it. I swatched it on my hand an gave it a good smell – no toxic odor!! Things were looking better. I decided that I would chose a colour an 100 mink lashes manufacturer d try it out (since I cannot bring myself to use testers I have to buy and try) I picked up Plum Savy (will get the swatch up soon) and I decided to give it a really good test!



3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes
3D mink Lashes False Eyelashes

I put the gloss on at about 3:00pm (I appled two coats) it went on smooth with no hard smells. When it dried it did have a slightly tacky feeling to it when i rubbed my lips together- but it was not uncomfortable or strange feeling. I sipped water all afternoon. 5:00pm and it was still on – it seemed to dull a bit but full colour was still on my lips. 6:00pm I went for a run – after 5miles it was still on.

I went home and had some dinner. After dinner the gloss was pretty much gone, only leaving a sheer look of colour on my lips with a few shimmers (it was a shimmery colour). I really was happy with the way that is gradually lifted colour, rather than pee 100 mink lashes manufacturer ling off. I thought that the product with stood a lot and I was very happy with it. I will for sure be purchasing more colours in the future.

There are 18 colours in this collection and I am sure a colour for every skin tone! have a look the next time you are at your makeup counter and see if one meets your fancy!

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